Save the Yeti


The elusive Artic Yeti is in eminent threat of extinction.  You must do you part in saving this majestic creature!

We are doing our part by raising awareness with our fun weed greeting cards for adults.


Wait. This is Eddie...

He’s a special yeti – not amazing, more like – not the sharpest icicle on the mountain. He’s a fellow cannabis user in need of your help.

Stop scrolling.


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Wait. This is Eddie...
<b>A friend with weed <br> is a friend indeed</b>

A friend with weed
is a friend indeed

Attach your own joint, blunt, spliff, dabber tool or whatever else you can think of to these funny, high quality greeting cards!

Everyone loves weed, add a funny card and presto instant gift. Check ’em out, they are dope!

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Current Holiday Cards

Check out our current Christmas card lineup! Do you like Santa? We hope so! That’s all we could afford with our designers. Signup below to be informed when new card designs are released.


They Will Even Hold a Pop-top Tube

Check it out!

Cards will hold pre-roll tube.

Why are you still scrolling?

Eddie’s possibly already passed by now. If only you had hit that life-saving button, and bought some cards in time to save him.

If you would like to donate to the recovery efforts of the special yeti. You’ll find the GoFundMe link below.

Please Keep Eddie in your thoughts!

GoFundMe Button

Well Go Fund Me pulled the plug on our fundraising efforts.

Seriously, they can go fund themselves! We’re mad as hell and our beliefs in the majestic arctic yeti shall not be challenged. There have to be more out there!

<b>Why are you still scrolling? </b>
From Here, There Is Only 1 Place Left To Go

From Here, There Is Only 1 Place Left To Go

I get it, you’re probably the Plug. Need serious weight of these epic greeting cards? Keep scrolling and contact directly for volume and pricing.

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