Save the Yeti

The elusive Artic Yeti is in eminent threat of extinction.  You must do you part in saving this majestic creature!


This is Eddie

He’s a special yeti – not amazing, more like – not the sharpest icicle on the mountain. He’s a fellow cannabis user in need of our help.

Come on now! HELP BY  BUYING A CARD!

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This is Eddie
<b>Oh Ya, The 'Weed'</b>

Oh Ya, The 'Weed'

I hope you’d be more interested about saving the life of a Yeti rather than crazy cool, high quality greeting cards that you attach weed onto and everyone loves! But if that’s not the case, Check ’em out, they are dope!

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The 'Cards'

These right here are quite possibly the key to saving the  yeti. Each card purchased, helps secure a future for Eddie. He’s actually featured somewhere on every card.

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Eddie’s possibly already passed by now. If only you had hit that life-saving button, and bought some cards in time to save him.

If you would like to donate to the recovery efforts of the special yeti. You’ll find the GoFundMe link below.

Please Keep Eddie in your thoughts! 

GoFundMe Button


<b>Wow. Really? No Action</b>

From Here, There Is Only 1 Place Left To Go

I get it, you’re probably the Plug. Need serious weight of these epic greeting cards? Keep scrolling and contact directly for volume and pricing.

From Here, There Is Only 1 Place Left To Go

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